Welcome to International Spices’ refreshed and refined website, which was designed to offer more insightful background on our company and the spice industry, and to present it in a more user-friendly way.

First and foremost, you’ll notice that we put our employees front and center. They are the hard-working, problem-solving, forward-thinking heart of International Spices. They are the reason we have grown to become a leader in the custom formulation, blending and packaging of spices and food ingredients. From one-ounce bottles to 50-pound bags and beyond, our employees knock it out of the park on each and every project we pitch them.

So we invite you to look at our “Who We Are” section and take a moment to meet a few of the personalities that give us our own unique flavor.

We talk about our advantageous location, our immediate responses to special requests, our commitment to food safety, and our honesty and integrity when it comes to our beloved customers.

Our new website also puts a focus on our custom and original blends, our bulk spices and custom packaging. And you’ll find a spice rack full of interesting news related to food safety, industry trends and inspiring food news making headlines in our “From the Lab” section.

We’re happy to present a more user-friendly Shopping section with more offerings than before. You’ll find a variety of products here – from herbs and spices and custom blends, to extracts and allergen and gluten-free spice blends.

With that, we welcome you to our new International Spices website, and we hope you enjoy the experience. Please let us know what you think – comments, suggestions – we would love to hear from you!